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Human Resources

Recruitment Process
Doğuş Education Furnitures continue to work year-round to be able to set candidates towards the correct position, starting from the goals and principles. As Doğuş Education Furnishings, competencies constitute one of the criteria we attach the most importance to our recruitment processes. It is important for our candidates to have the following nine key competencies, no matter which department is evaluated.

Doğuş Education Furniture Competencies:​

  • Direction Determination
  • Teamwork
  • Contact
  • Cooperation Development
  • Result oriented
  • Creativity and Entrepreneurship
  • Developing Self and Working Friends
  • Adaptation and Management of Differences
  • Customer Responsiveness

In assessing the appropriateness of our newly graduated and experienced candidates, a part of the following evaluation instruments are applied in accordance with the requirements of the position:
  • Competency Based Interview
  • Professional Personality Inventory
  • English Placement Examination
  • Assessment Center Practices - The competencies of our candidates are assessed according to the group work and individual exercises they perform on the case studies given to them.

As a result of all these evaluations, candidates who are eligible are offered the job by our company Doğuş Education Furniture and the candidate who is in accordance with the position starts to work. Our aim here is to enable the people to be placed in a department that suits their qualifications by questioning their knowledge, skills and competencies.

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