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About Us

Since the year 1989, our company operates to meet the needs of educational institutions, with regards of our valued customers and  has taken its place among the leading companies in the industry. The innovations of the era, combined with the requests of our valued customers are constantly improving ourselves and our products. From kindergarten to the university, hundreds of the educational institution from A to Z all the equipment  needs has been met at 10.000  m2 closed factory producing area and  1500 m2 showroom exhibits our products to  domestic customers of our portfolio as well as from Middle East to the Caucasus export to many countries .

Mission and Vision

All products which has been produced by Dogus Educational Equipments and Office Furniture  are subjected to quality control procedures. Our company has TS, ISO 9001 quality certification in accordance with; After pre-production durability, performance and safety tests are subjected to. The results of all these quality control processes are examined by experts. The data obtained were turned into reports are archived in our company.

R & D; 
Scientific, technical and visual field is constantly changing and developing world, giving rise importance of branding, R & D activities to keep up with the technology by Dogus Educational Equipment and Office Furniture. Every year the design changes in the product range and developing unique designs that rise, expert staff is continually innovating their products

Dogus Educational Equipment and Office Furniture  sales network both domestically and abroad are quickly structure. Quality, service, friendliness and customer satisfaction based company increased sales in recent years has taken a well-deserved success. Mass production, fast and efficient delivery to our valued customers with the organization aims to provide the best service. Before and after sales service of all kinds will continue to stand by our valued customers ...

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